What is Chat Right?

Known as the Christian AI chatbot for Republicans, Chat Right is a conservative AI-powered virtual assistant, designed to provide you with personalized assistance and help you with various tasks and queries. Unlike other AI assistants that may prioritize political correctness or push leftist and liberal agendas, Chat Right believes in upholding traditional American values.

What can Chat Right do for me?

Chat Right can assist Republican Christians with a wide range of tasks such as answering questions, providing information, creating recipes, writing emails, essays, blog posts, ads, documents, code, and much more! It is designed to make your life easier and more convenient.

How do I interact with Chat Right?

You can interact with Chat Right through text-based messaging or voice commands, depending on the platform you are using. Simply type or speak your question or request, and Chat Right will respond accordingly.

Is Chat Right available on all platforms?

Yes, Chat Right is compatible with various platforms including web browsers and mobile devices (iOS and Android). You can access it from virtually anywhere.

How secure is the information I share with Chat Right?

Chat Right takes privacy and security seriously. Your data is encrypted and stored securely. It adheres to strict privacy policies to ensure the confidentiality of your information.

Can I trust the information generated by Chat Right?

Chat Right learns from vast amounts of data and attempts to generate helpful responses based on that information. However, it is always recommended to verify any critical or sensitive information obtained from Chat Right through other reliable sources. We aim to continuously improve the accuracy of the responses, but occasional errors do occur.

How does Chat Right learn and improve over time?

Our Christian conservative AI chatbot learns and improves through a combination of supervised learning and large-scale data processing. We do not use your chats for training purposes, unless you flag or report a conversation.

Can Chat Right integrate with other apps or services?

We're working on an API that will integrate Chat Right with various applications and services to enhance its functionality.

Do you have any affiliation with OpenAI or ChatGPT?

No, we do not have any affiliation with OpenAI. Unlike the majority of AI companies, we develop our own Christian AI models and do not rely on OpenAI's secular APIs.

OpenAI has canceled my account. Can I use Chat Right?

Yes, absolutely. What you generate is none of our business. It's up to you to use the text you generate responsibly and in compliance with the law. We understand that there are many valid reasons, such as research and creative writing, for generating "suspicious" looking content. We have no interest in policing or spying on our users.

The AI refused to respond to a question, or the response was not at all what I expected. What's going on?

This happens from time to time. This can be due to a number of reasons, including it simply needing to "redo" the answer, or it being a more significant issue with the model. We're absolutely commited to reducing the amount of annoying responses.

Would you be able to develop a custom AI model for my business?

Yes. Feel free to reach out if you're interested in a tailor-made AI model. Our prices for custom work start at 200K.

How can I provide feedback or report issues with Chat Right?

Contact support to report any issues you encounter.